Walter is a pet spa master and one of the few male protagonists of the Dash series. He first appeared in Doggie Dash with his wife Scarlett.

Walter also appeared in Avenue Flo, when he lost Snookums while taking him for a bath. He mistakenly used a red dye on the poodle and when he was looking for an anti-dye solution Snookums went missing. He and Cassie only made a cameo appearance in Avenue Flo Special Delivery.

He made an appearance in DinerTown Detective Agency as the possible suspect and informant to various cases..


Scarlett's pet cat Wendy and Walter's pet dog, Rocky fell in love with each other, so they planed to play cupid with their owners. Over time during their pet spa career, Scarlett and Walter developed feelings for each other and by the end of the game got married.


Walter has short blonde hair and wears a green t-shirt. He also wears an apron when he is grooming the pets.


Walter has a happy go lucky personality who loves pets and takes care of them. While he is idle he loves to play the flute.