Violeta is one of the 2014 Diner Dash customers located in the Taco Gigante.


Diner Dash Series

Violeta is the only customer introduced in Taco Gigante, but is the eighth overall. She is more impatient that Barb the Businesswoman, but she will be delighted for a mariachi.

Cooking Dash Series

Violeta later returns in the 2016 version of Cooking Dash, only to maintain her weak patience status, but less patient that Maddie.


Violeta, as of her tan skin, seems to be originated from a Latin-American country, and was born with purple eyes and velvet purple, puffy hair that is decorated with a green headband with roses of a red and yellow color. Her attire is a white-green striped, 3/4-sleeved shirt, a black miniskirt, matching boots, and mauve stockings.




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