Hi everyone, I'm just a visitor, tour around all wikis of wikia, I see they are very very easy to make people know what they write. I'm a member of Aveyond wiki, a popular Role playing game series, I have help there and build only myself but now it's already dead. That is the way I'm going to leave wikia but when come here and look Diner Dash wiki, a game I just play more than 10 time at DD2 Restaurant Rescue, when wiki just have 20-33 page (I don't remember) I go wiki activity and see just only one user hang on build wiki and her activities are so much like me, DarlaDash. So I'm going to be a small helper out, I corect, renew the old character pages, I make templates, add it to many characters. But wiki need the tools more to rise, then I request adopt but I recall Darla to do it.

About the games, Diner Dash, I just play DD, DD2 R.Rescue, DD3 F.Go, DD4 HTHero and play them again again and again because they are easy to play, to make all levels to expert, upgrade.... and plot is so simple. But for now I just remember a few ting related to the game. About game information, I know nothing but think that I would help. Now I help build more hidden pages in this wiki.

Now I can't be here all because I'm a little student in China live in a 7200 km square city in eastern south of my country, I must study. About my English, I'm not finish it. Another, I must rebuild another wiki like Chocolatier of PlayFirst, Aveyond of Amaranth Games, Supa Strikas- a football animated series.....more and more I need to join in.

If have a vacation, please visit my ancient country China and a beautiful one located in southern China- Vietnam.

Have fun to blog!


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