Xiao Qiao

aka 小喬(小乔)

  • I live in a wonderful country
  • My occupation is a Wikian, wiki editor
  • I am not an evil witch
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    Dash way story

    March 16, 2011 by Xiao Qiao

    Hi everyone, I'm just a visitor, tour around all wikis of wikia, I see they are very very easy to make people know what they write. I'm a member of Aveyond wiki, a popular Role playing game series, I have help there and build only myself but now it's already dead. That is the way I'm going to leave wikia but when come here and look Diner Dash wiki, a game I just play more than 10 time at DD2 Restaurant Rescue, when wiki just have 20-33 page (I don't remember) I go wiki activity and see just only one user hang on build wiki and her activities are so much like me, DarlaDash. So I'm going to be a small helper out, I corect, renew the old character pages, I make templates, add it to many characters. But wiki need the tools more to rise, then I…

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