Tourists, Trip and Tipper are characters from Diner Dash series.

They also appear in various spin-off games such as Avenue Flo Special Delivery and DinerTown Detective Agency.


Trip and Tipper are impatient and are slow to read the menu, but they eat at average speed and tip big. They like to take pictures, and if Flo takes a picture of them it'll give them 2 full hearts. Taking their picture breaks combos in earlier games.

In Avenue Flo Special Delivery, they appeared in all three neighborhoods in the story. Trip has an inclination to go for cheap deals and being frugal during vacations, which is something Tipper do not always agree on.


Trip always wears a floral shirt with short pants and flip flops. He never goes anywhere without a camera.

Tipper is slightly more plump than most female characters and wears a striped shirt with 3/4 pants and flip flops. She has red hair in a beehive.

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