Tira is one of the 2014 Diner Dash customers located in Candy Carnival.


Diner Dash Series

Tira is the only customer introduced in the Candy Carnival, and only orders dessert or coffee, before a meal.

Cooking Dash Series

Tira later returns in Cooking Dash 2016, making her first appearance in Cutie Cakes.


Tira has neon purple, short hair and brown skin, and wears her signature sunglasses with a black frame and pink lens. Her attire is a fuchsia, short-sleeved shirt with a beige undershirt, a coal black skirt, and purple-black tennis shoes. To represent her dessert thematic, she has ice cream sundae patches on her shoes and cherry earrings.

Tira's hair color alternates to sky blue in Cooking Dash 2016.


  • Some of Tira's early designs imply on sports made by a dessert thematic.




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