Soap Opera Dash is a spin-off dash game starring Rosie the Regular whom was previously the basic customer of Diner Dash.


Rosie, whose pitch was rejected by a local television show met with her high school crush, Simon the Celebrity, who was recently fired from his acting gig due to poor reviews. When they briefly reminisce about their past, Rosie had an idea to start off her new show with Simon as her lead actor. Together with Flo, Quinn and the rest of the DinerTown residents, they started their soap opera project.


Each episode is divided into a few scenes, and actors of a particular scene will appear at the chairs accordingly. Actors will need to read the script, and move to stations to get their hair and makeup done, along with a change of costume. When all the necessary steps are done, they will be ready on the set for their shoot. However, their needs are needed to be attended to quickly as their mood, indicated by the number of hearts will fade and it will affect the quality of the scene. Players will run a risk of losing a scene if one of the required actors left with a bad mood on set.

In addition to the actors, props are needed to be brought in by the player and Hal the Hungry Man, who is the camera man is called in to shoot the scene. Mini games of matching hair color, wardrobe and makeup will appear when stars hover around the actor.


  • Rosie
  • Bernie, who is the scriptwriter
  • Aunt Ethel, the director
  • Hal, cameraman as well as the repairman


Supporting Crew