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Simon the Celebrity
Biographical information
Age Young Adult

Teen (Cooking Dash 3)

Nationality American
Hometown DinerTown
Alias Simon
Physical information
Gender Male
Height Average Adult
Hair color Brown
Eye color Black
Skin color Tan, White
Family and Friends
Friend(s) Rosie the Regular, Flo, Quinn
Love interests Rosie the Regular(one-sided on Rosie's part)
Other Information
Personality and Abilities
Abilities Starburst Bonus
Profession Actor in Movies, Commercials, Shows
Behind the Scenes
First appearance Diner Dash Hometown Hero
Simon the Celebrity is a famous celebrity living in the glitzy heights of Thyme Square, DinerTown. He represents the Celebrity customer type in Diner Dash series.

He made his first appearance in Diner Dash Hometown Hero. He is an extremely high tipper, but is impatient. He hates noise to the point that it will reduce his happiness by one half of a heart. If customers are seated near him, they will get starstruck and become happier.

He also made appearances other games such as Avenue Flo Special Delivery, Soap Opera Dash and DinerTown Detective Agency.


Not is much know to Simon's history, but he started out as a regular person and really followed up with his dreams into becoming a big star.


Simon wears fancy clothes and has Afro hair. Also, he wears star glasses that shows that he is really a celebrity.


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