Seymour the Senior is an elderly man of DinerTown, he represents the male Kindly Seniors.


Diner Dash Series


Seymour, the most well-known elder of DinerTown.

Seymour and the Seniors' first appearance was in the original Diner Dash, he is the second customer to be introduced to the game. He is infamously known for being the slowest overall customer of the game & series and known for his low tipping.

In Restaurant Rescue, Seymour's appearance was upgraded along with the rest of the customers. He was matched up with Bernie the Bookworm for slowest eating and ordering.

In Flo on the Go, Seymour and the Seniors were introduced on the Submarine restaurant.

In Hometown Hero, Seymour does not appear but is replaced with his female counterpart Stella the Senior.

Seymour reappears in Boom! with his appearance upgraded to the current course of animation he is paired with Bookworms, Librarians and Lovebirds for slow eaters. He is likely to order snacks.

Other Appearances

In the Cooking Dash trilogy, Seymour appears as he usually does along with his fellow seniors. It is often that you use the speeding hot sauce on him so he'll finish quicker. He is has a balanced chance between cooked foods and snacks. In Thrills & Spills he appears a lot younger and likes cooked food a lot.

In Parking Dash, Seymour is one of the slowest but most patient of people, he doesn't tip very well and is known for having a timer of half & longer.

In DinerTown Detective Agency, Seymour is the culprit responsible for leaving Flo's Diner with a severe case of sticky gum override. The player will also learn a lot about him in this game.

In Garden Dash, Seymour will order Peaches which require a scarf & hat in addition to the usual water, cut and harvest.

In the Avenue Flo duology, Seymour (in both games) can first be found eating inside Flo's Diner and can be talked to, Seymour (or a guy that happens to look just like him) can be found working in Big Corp, there are 2 of these seniors. In Special Delivery, Seymour is a first floor employee of the Baby Craze Superstore and needs Flo's assistance to find everything on Vicky's Baby Shower Registry. We also learn he has a Grand Niece named Dottie and was going to bring her to the park to play with Maggie the Mom and Baby Bobbie.

In Soap Opera Dash, Seymour is unlocked to casting roles in the 2nd set. If you do not change the roles, Seymour will fill in the position of "Big Wig."


Seymour wears old shaggy clothes over his pajama robe, he wears a stylish retro fedora over his grey, wrinkly and sharp hair. In Other games such as Soap Opera Dash he wears different clothes and different facial features when styled. In some games, his facial features don't exist at all.


As an elder who misses the golden years of his prime, Seymour has many antique from his years of youth. He is generally a happy person and is never angry he cares deeply about all his family and is always a peaceful person. Despite his old age, Seymour is full of energy and even has a career in baby products. It is implied he fancies Grandma Florence for her exciting and active lifestyle.

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