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Biographical information
Age Adult
Nationality American
Hometown DinerTown
Alias Bridesmaid
Physical information
Gender Female
Height Average adult
Hair color Brown
Eye color Black
Family and Friends
Friend(s) Molly, Kelly and other wedding guests
Love interests Jason
Other Information
Favorite color Green
Personality and Abilities
Behind the Scenes
First appearance Wedding Dash Ready, Aim, Love
Nelly is the second of the bridesmaids trio in Wedding Dash Ready, Aim, Love!


Wedding Dash 3



Nelly appears at the start of the second venue along with Kelly. Nelly, Kelly and Molly are best friends and always might request to sit next to each other, Nelly is well-rounded like her friends and is mildly popular. If she or another bridesmaid are sat next to each other they might go out of control and start dancing. Nelly dances by rapidly shifting her body and fists counter-clockwise.


Nelly has the same body size and weight as her corresponding bridesmaid friends. The only differences being her dress is green, her is from an African- American background and she has a large brown Afro hairstyle with a lovely green flower in her hair.


Like her friends Molly and Kelly, Nelly loves to dance and have a good time, also like her friends, she flirts with Jason.

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