Mr. Smith is the main character in Dairy Dash. He also appeared in Avenue Flo and DinerTown Detective Agency.

Prior to working in Uncle Bill's farm, he was working in a corporate company and spent his summers at the farm when he was younger. When there is a power shortage, he took his family to Flo's Diner for dinner, where he got news about Uncle Bill about to lose his farm. Mr. Smith had an idea to help out the farm, but none of his family was keen on the idea. So he started out working on his own until his wife and two children, Emily and Ethan joined him.

In Avenue Flo, Mr. Smith was the only one in the family to make an appearance. Flo had to collect six double yolk eggs from his farm. However, he just sold out the eggs and asked Flo to have the red hen to lay fresh eggs for her. The said red hen needs a chorus of other hens to sing for her to encourage her to lay eggs.

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