Maddie is one of the 2014 Diner Dash customers located in the Deep Sea Diner.


Diner Dash Series

Maddie is the second customer introduced in the Deep Sea Diner, and the fourth overall. She will leave if Flo does not give her a menu or a drink quick.

Cooking Dash Series

Maddie later returns in Cooking Dash 2016, and she becomes less impatient than Violeta. Her special dish is bitter melon.


Maddie is born with neck-length, blonde hair that is accessorized with a black headband, and slightly pink eyes. Her outfit is a black, long-sleeved shirt, a dark magenta knee-length shirt, and black, matching boots. She is seen most often frowning, with her wrinkles and a beauty mark on her right cheek.


  • Maddie was created as a visual pun, hence her frequently frowning.

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