Leo and Lulu the Lovebirds first appeared in Diner Dash Flo on the Go. They will sit only in a two seated table. Once seated, they would end up making out (especially if they wait too long) which angers and grosses the other customers out. They appeared again in Diner Dash Hometown Hero.

Only Leo appeared in 'Parking Dash' where you have to remember which car you parked.

In 'DinerTown Detective Agency', Leo works at the grocery store. Lulu has somewhat of a hippie personality as she's peaceful and likes to cook foods with vegetables and wants Leo to eat healthy.

In Hotel Dash The Lovebirds just got married and stay at Quinn and Flo's Hotel.

In Avenue Flo, the female lovebird is named Loretta. She is found at the Baby Craze Super Store. She had a Southern accent and was expecting. Leo however, was only mentioned but did not appear in the series.