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Biographical information
Age Adult
Nationality American
Hometown DinerTown
Alias Bridesmaid
Physical information
Gender Female
Height Average adult
Hair color Blonde
Eye color Black
Skin color White
Family and Friends
Friend(s) Molly, Nelly and other wedding guests
Love interests Jason
Other Information
Favorite color Ivory
Personality and Abilities
Behind the Scenes
First appearance Wedding Dash Ready, Aim, Love
Kelly is the last of the bridesmaids trio in Wedding Dash Ready, Aim, Love!


Wedding Dash 3


Kelly in WD3

Kelly appears at the start of the second venue along with corresponding bridesmaid friend Nelly and completes the

Kelly, coloured red, in Avenue Flo.

triple bridesmaid set. Her stats as a guest are that of her friend's, being moderate and medium in all places. She also likes to flirt with Jason and often requests to sit next to Nelly more than Molly. She dances by clapping her hands in groove.

Avenue Flo

Kelly appears in Betty's Salon after returning the royal ruby red hair dye to her. Her dress is red and her entire hair is dyed red with a pink flower in it.


Kelly has white skin, a slim body and gorgeous blonde hair tied up into a large bun. Her dress is a light silver coloured and she wears the corresponding coloured flower in her hair. She also wears red lipstick


Just like her friends, she loves dancing and being fun, like her friends, she can go out of control and start dancing at the table. She is also flirtatious near Jason.

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