Jo the Jogger is a customer from the Diner Dash series and the main character in Fitness Dash. She made her first debut in Diner Dash 2: Restaurant Rescue. Also, she is the only quiet customer not to be bothered by noise.

Jo runs a fitness center in Avenue Flo at Yum Yum Square. She also reappears in Avenue Flo Special Delivery as a dog walker.

In DinerTown Tycoon, she appeared in Squid Row and her favorite dishes include ingredients with Meyer lemon, Smith's farm Swiss cheese and Smith's farm corn.

In DinerTown Detective Agency, she is one of the many suspects and informants for various cases.


Jo has short spiky hair with a headband over her forehead. She also wears a light blue tracksuit and sneakers with headphones.


Jo first appeared in Diner Dash 2: Restaurant Rescue. In the Diner Dash series, she is moderately patient and an average tipper. She isn't affected by noise because she is using headphones. She won't order dessert even when she's happy enough (3.5 hearts or more).

She is often known for keeping fit and being health conscious. This is emphasized in the game Fitness Dash, where she works on getting the people of DinerTown fit for the tug-o-war competition by establishing a fitness center. She's upbeat and friendly, offering personal training to her customers as well as water and towels.