Hal the Hungry Man is one of the customers who makes his first appearance in Diner Dash Hometown Hero. He always order twice and don't tip well, and have average patience. However, he seems to order and eat quickly. The fact that they order twice can be annoying since they stay longer, not leaving enough free tables, but it's also mean more points to the players. If they want to order dessert they order it once.

Hal is said to be Tony's best friend and his best man in Avenue Flo. He works as a construction worker.

In DinerTown Tycoon, Hal appeared in Squid Row and Thyme Square. In Squid Row he prefers ingredients like free range beef, kidney beans and jalapeno pepper. While in Thyme Square his favorite ingredients are aborito rice, finest imported dough and organic heavy cream.

He also made an appearance in DinerTown Detective Agency as an informant and possible suspect. His other appearances include Fitness Dash, Garden Dash and possibly Diaper Dash.


Hal has a slight plump body with a full beard. He always wears a cap and a lumberjack shirt with beige pants. The color of the shirt varies according to the game.