Hotel Dash - Suite Success is a time management game released on July 2010. This game is centered around Flo and Quinn trying to run hotels. The sequel Hotel Dash 2: Lost Luxuries is released on July 2011.

In this game, Flo's newest predicament is to restore the charm of DinerTown's favorite hotels. Showing guests to their room and deliver their luggage. Drop off room service, provide extra towels, blankets and anything else they may need to leave big tips.

Customer types

  • Young lady: Normal patience, ok tips
  • Businesswoman: Impatient, but great tips, ask for towels to go to the pool
  • Lovebirds:  Very patient, ask pillows to sleep
  • Hungry man: They eat twice
  • Clown: Very patient, when they pull something, you have to take the mop and sweep
  • Sleepwalker: When sleeping is for walking and annoys other guests
  • Teenager: Very patient, annoys other customers with his cell phone
  • Celebrity: Impatient, blocks the passage to the other guests in the hotel lobby
  • Businessman: Moderate patience, annoys other guests with his cell phone, like teenagers
  • Fitness fanatic: She is very patient and ask for towels to go to the pool or the gym
  • Dog lover: Impatient, the dog annoys other guests
  • Tourists:Normal patience, always are taking photographs
  • Fashion woman: Bring 3 luggages, ask pillows and very good tip
  • Ghost: Ghosts don't eat, but ask for towels and scare other guests

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