Hotel Dash 2: Lost Luxuries is a game made by PlayFirst and the sequel to Hotel Dash Suite Success.


Like Hotel Dash Suite Success, you have a hotel and you have to meet guests, carry cases, serve food, sometimes they ask for towels or pillows and collect tip and laundry.

customer type

  • young lady: Normal patience and ok tip
  • business woman: impatient, good tips and ask for towels to go to the hotel pool
  • safari guide: impatient, always walks accompanied by a monkey, the monkey will disturb other customers, so that subsides have to give bananas
  • bigfoot: He gets up to walk like a sleepwalker bothering other customers
  • old captain: They are slow and impatient, like hot food
  • celebrity: always accompanied with a bodyguard blocking the passage to other customers
  • scuba diver: Moderate patience, always wet everywhere and asks towels to go to the pool
  • surfer: They are clumsy and always throw something when they go to your room, you have to take the mop and sweep
  • lovebirds: Normal patience and ask pillows to sleep
  • dog lover: always accompanied by his dog, the dog annoys other customers, to calm down you have to feed it with dog food
  • genius: Normal patience, ask pillows to sleep and will not leave your room if you click on lamp

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