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Biographical information
Age Adult
Nationality American
Hometown DinerTown
Alias None
Physical information
Gender Male
Height Average Adult
Hair color Black with blue and red streaks
Eye color Black
Skin color Pale Walnut
Family and Friends
Friend(s) Unknown
Other Information
Hate Everything but menus
Personality and Abilities
Abilities Mope around
Profession Unknown
Behind the Scenes
First appearance Diner Dash (2014)

Hennui is one of the 2014 Diner Dash customers located in the Deep Sea Diner.


Diner Dash Series

Hennui is the first customer to be introduced in the Deep Sea Diner, and the third overall. He cannot be seated until Flo gives him a menu to comfort him.

Cooking Dash Series

Hennui later returns in the 2016 reboot of Cooking Dash.


Hennui has a tall, pale-skinned figure with black eyes and hair with red and blue ombres. His signature attire is a grey shirt with a matching cap, dark grey shoes and pants. He also has a soul patch located on his chin, and he is moderately shown with his head down.


  • Hennui's cap and shirt are colored purple in his profile in the official Diner Dash Glu Mobile site. This mistake is also added on the map, but with his cap colored purple and his shirt grey.



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