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Biographical information
Age Child
Nationality American
Hometown DinerTown
Alias None.
Physical information
Gender Male
Height Child
Hair color Unknown
Eye color Chocolate brown
Skin color Peach
Family and Friends
Family member(s) Ariel (older sister)
Friend(s) Unknown
Other Information
Hate Unknown
Personality and Abilities
Abilities Unknown
Profession Unknown
Behind the Scenes
First appearance Diner Dash (2014)

Flynn is one of the 2014 Diner Dash customers located in the Rocket Diner.


Diner Dash Series

Flynn is the first customer introduced in Rocket Diner, and the fifth so far. He is also the first to-go-order customer introduced, before Ariel, his older sister. In contrast, Flynn is more patient than Ariel, and only orders coffee.


Flynn dons a green spacesuit with gold yellow gloves and accent on the top of it. He flies with a steel-made rocket with red accents in order for a to-go order. He is born with brown eyes, but his hair style and color is yet to be determined.




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