Flo's Lounge (formerly the Big Co. Lounge), is the fifth and final restaurant of Diner Dash 2.


After Mr. Big's plan for the mega multiplex food plaza failed he was within minutes of giving up and retiring, however, Flo came to stop Mr. Big and convinced him to open the Big Corp Lounge up into a fancy restaurant. Finishing the night wth a bang Flo was able to open Mr. Big's eyes to the world of restaurants. Currently, it is unknown if the lounge is still up.



The inside of the lounge (without background)

As a restaurant up on the rotating skydeck of Big Corp, the general theme of the lounge is that of a fancy restaurant, as Flo & Mr. Big continue, the lounge will receive more upgrades and decorations becoming one of the fanciest places in town.

Patrons of this restaurant are all dressed in formal wear.


  • Flo - Waitress, Temporary Manager.
  • Mr. Big - Waiter, Manager
  • Busboy - Cleaner
  • Drink Server - Drinks
  • Pianist - Entertainment

Skylight Lounge full view

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