Flo's Mexican or simply known as Mexican is the second of Flo's restaurant chain in Diner Dash: Sizzle & Serve, it replaces Flo's Tiki Palace from the original Diner Dash.


Built sometime after Flo finished up her Diner and earning a lot of profit, Flo's Mexican was built on a deserted land and is where people could go to eat Mexican food by Flo. Flo's Mexican is still up and running, but since Flo doesn't visit it much, it was left to be run by another waiter/waitress.


As Mexican Restaurant, the theme is a Mexican styled building, with Flo renovating the restaurant as she accumulates more money. The furnishing and food are also Mexican, along with the music.

Further notes

  • Flo's Tiki Palace in the original Diner Dash serves Hawaiian food as opposed to Mexican.


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