Fitness Dash is a game from the Dash series developed by Sarbakan Studios. It is released in 2008. In this game Jo the Jogger will be running fitness centers across the Diner Dash universe.


Jo and Quinn was jogging around DinerTown preparing for the Sports Olympiad and noticed her teammates having a feast in Flo's Diner. They are not worried about the competition as they have won every year against Donutville. However, during the tug-of-war competition they were easily beaten by the rival team. Jo then came up with the idea of having a fitness center in Dinertown to prepare for the competition next year. The residents of DinerTown were excited about the idea while Flo lighten up the menu to help everyone in Dinertown in shape.

Starting with the regional competition against the Puddington Chocolatiers, Jo opened a brick gym that is used for boxing to train the athletes. Later on, more residents of Dinertown joined the team and Jo moved to the cruise ship when they competed against Muffinburg. After winning the Muffinburg regionals, they move to the rooftop and compete against Candyland.

Customer Types


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