Drink Station is one of the most common equipment of the entire dash series.


When a drink station is active, Flo can go over and pick up a cup of the drink. The drink itself depends on the restaurant she is in. When she gives the drink to a customer, they will proceed to drink it and gain some happiness. It should always be used on the customer with the lowest hearts, as every heart counts to the final check.


Diner Dash

Restaurant Rescue

Flo on the Go

Hometown Hero

Seasonal Snack Pack

  • Coral Cove Cafe - Lemonade
  • Crypt Cafe
  • Hometown Harvest - Apple Cider
  • Winter Wonderland -
  • Romantic Rendezvous - Wine

Flo Through Time


All drinks in each district are lemonade, but the lemonade's color is different every district.

Wedding Dash

The equivalent of drinks, called the Confetti Blaster, appear in the second venue of the first 2 games, they boost everyone at the tables patience. In WD3, it is a chime bell, which summons Cupid's cherubs to boost everyone's happiness. In 4-Ever, they're small disco lights that boost all guest's patience and play a small piece of fanfare.

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