Disasters make the game more difficult

Diner Dash Flo on the go

  • Earthquake: Sometimes the screen moves and cause spills

Diner Dash Hometown Hero

  • Speakers: Appear at Homerun Stadium and Florence's Groove Disco
  • Mammoth: Kicks the floor and causes spills, it appear at Museum Grill
  • Roller coaster: Spills the customers table

Diner Dash Flo Through Time

  • Dinosaur: Kicks the floor and causes spills

Diner Dash 5 Boom

  • Rain: You have to secure the tables, but the customers get angry
  • gale: You have to secure awnings
  • Earthquake: Sometimes the screen moves

Hotel Dash

  • Man cutting electricity: You have to click on Quinn to repair the damage

Fitness Dash

  • Ice cream vendor: He enters to sabotage your gym
  • Break TV: Customers will get angry when the TV starts chirping
  • Break air conditioning:' If the air conditioning fails everyone started to sweat
  • Paparazzi: They only show up when there are celebrities in your gym, they bother with their photo cameras

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