Diner Dash Classic is a 2008 video game developed by PlayFirst and published by Glu Games Inc. for the iOS and later Android devices.

It is the second remake of the original Diner Dash of the Diner Dash series featuring improved graphics based on Diner Dash 5. The game includes additional features and differences aside from graphical overhaul, the comics were removed.[2] A deluxe version, titled Diner Dash Classic Deluxe was released later at some point which includes all packs and a few more additional levels.

The game was taken down from iTunes and Google Play following the release of the 2014 reboot.


Though despite there not being a huge focus on plot (lack of comics), it is generally the same plot premise as Diner Dash.


Gameplay is similar to the original Diner Dash optimized for touch controls. Player can buy boosts and upgrades via the game's diner/coins currency, additionally the game supports micro-transactions for buying coins and money to buy things in game including upgrades and venue/restaurant packs.


  • Graphics style from and based on Diner Dash 5 BOOM!.
  • Changed or remixed music from Diner Dash (But not Unique music like Sizzle & Serve.
  • Upgrades, boosts and micro-transactions.
  • Absence of comic intros / plot.
  • Additional Packs with more Restaurants and levels.



Starter Pack

Date Night Pack

Exotic Eats Pack






  1. Diner Dash Classic, credits

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