Diner Dash Flo Through Time is a pack of Diner Dash: Hometown Hero and it was published by Playfirst and Big Fish Games in 2008.

You need to help Flo and Grandma Florence to go back in their diner as they are time travel through times.


There are the new types of customers 

1.Caveman - Similar to Colin the Cellphone addict, will constantly make noise that will annoy other customers.

2.Egyptian Ladies (young ladies)

3.Vizier(food critcs)

4.Knight (business man)

5. Pirate ladies (teenagers)

6.Pirate (celebrity)

7.Royal navy (hungry man)

8. Rocket senior (bookworms and seniors)

9. Futuristic teen (teenagers)

There are the restaurants

1.Caveman cafe

2.Pharaoh's Feast

3.All Knight Diner

4.Buccaneer Bistro

5.Snack to the future 


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