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DinerTown is the city in which Flo, her friends and everyone of the dash series live and prosper. A recurring aspect of DinerTown is the several relocation of all the buildings and neighborhoods in each game.



The city's view in DinerTown Detective Agency.

Starting with the original diner dash, DinerTown was not seen a lot, you only see Flo's Diner and her other restaurants with several building outlines in the background. In Restaurant Rescue, DinerTown is expanded a lot more, showing new restaurants and the biggest corporation company in DinerTown: Big Corp. In Flo on the Go, DinerTown was expanded a tiny bit more to show several vacation spots and a train exit. Hometown Hero was not set in DinerTown but Flo's Hometown instead. In Boom! DinerTown was incredibly expanded, featuring more district neighborhoods and more people.

In spin offs, more and more locations of DinerTown were brought to light.


DinerTown itself is a very well off city, with many expensive buildings and divine palaces of eatery, the city is set in the way future where everything is alright and there appears to be no economic crisis, local residents all work medium to high paying jobs and careers, they also can afford to tip higher than $100 for a meal. Money is used in cents and dollars, which appear to have Mr. Big's face on them.


With a big city like DinerTown, there are going to be political upheavels, DinerTown is governed by Mayor Wimple and the local hothead Mr. Big has a standing contract that allows him the rights to any land within DinerTown that has been unused for 1 total week.


DinerTown is also known for it's friendly and active community, most of dinertown is made up of friend restaurant owners who serve and sizzle, and there are also many residents who are friendly. Local resident Flo frequently helps out the dinertown population. There are also the bad guys and not-so friendly people and they usually seek to capatilize and ruin other people's lives. A noticeable villain is the evil Grub Burger, a nasty corporation of food that is hellbent on taking over the lush, peacful DinerTown.

Squid Row's enquirer.


Like any big city, DinerTown has several districts, where the community come out to live their lives and careers. There is a subway connecting each district and roads.

Avenue Flo


Avenue Flo in DinerTown Tycoon

The most familiar neighborhood of the city, Avenue Flo(rida) is where the renowned Flo and her friends come together, there are also several other shops and businesses like Quinn's Wedding Planning Office and the Pet Spa where animals go to relax, there is also a lush park near the end of the district.

Squid Row

Squid Row is where the circus is at, there are also several businesses and restaurants located here. The area is in a constant active state. The area is also heavily industrial, several lines of factories populate the outline of this district.

Bistro Bay


Thyme Square in DinerTown Tycoon

Bistro Bay is what makes DinerTown coastal, located near the ocean where there are beaches and water-related shops and an oceanic hotel for tourists, several boats and ships go out for vacation and fish catching. resident Flo also lives here and a very large store for children is located by bus ride.

Champagne Falls

Champagne Falls is where the rich and social elite wander, with several rich styles of business, inquiry and shops, everyone is welcomed in this district and is the place where you need to go for fancy treatments.

Champagne Falls in DinerTown Tycoon

Thyme Square

Thyme Square is a booming downtown neighborhood, during the day it is normally void of activiy and remains peaceful, but at night is when the lights go on and the sparkling beacons shine, thyme square is only heavily active at night and is where the most Hollywood oriented go. Big Corp stands tall and proud near the coast.

Yum Yum Square

Yum Yum Square is the most peaceful and scenic districts of the city, the peace is very good for all residents that don't enjoy noise. There is a park and children's playground located to the upperleft of the district and there is an Art Museum. Wilson's Daycare stands near the intersection.

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