Cooking Dash: DinerTown Studios is the sequel to Cooking Dash that is released on September 20, 2009.


Flo got a call from Gilda, her former college roommate gave her two passes to visit her set "Wild Spaghetti Western".in DinerTown Studios. Cookie was reluctant to go since his experience in the studio was not very pleasant in the first series, while Grandma Florence agreed to go along. When the arrived there, Simon the Celebrity was upset about the food served to him. Flo got an idea to prepare food for everyone on the set.

When the shooting for at the saloon has concluded, Flo and Grandma Florence went to the ravine of the deep jungle set along with Gilda to serve the food for the cast.


As with the first series, main courses require cooking and some may need to prepare two different kinds of food in the same dish. Flo has to keep an eye on the food that is on the stove, otherwise it will be burned if left for a long period of time. Grandma Florence helps out in the prep counter for food that does not require cooking. Desserts, snacks, snow cones and drinks require less preparation and can be served right away.

Food warmer is now included so cooked food can be left there without occupying Flo's hands. In addition, Cookie can be temporary called by phone to help the cooking tasks. Celebrities also leave power ups when they leave to significantly help Flo.


Salt Lick Saloon

A western themed set where celebrities are dressed in cowboy suits.

Safari Grill

Set in a tropical jungle, the grill is located at the ravine. Starlets, students and Cellphone addicts are visiting this venue. Simon the celebrity is wearing an Indiana Jones type costume.

Buckingham Bistro

This set is in a French aristocrat mansion with Simon dress in Renaissance costume. Variety of sauces and fruit juices are expanded from this venue. Directors and Bookworms are introduced here.

Pot Sticker Palace

A Chinese themed set for the next martial arts film. Simon is dressed in a martial arts costume. Power ups for the grill and boilers are introduced at this stage onward. Tough Guys are introduced here.

Crater Cafe

The space themed set where Simon is dressed as an astronaut. Like the previous series, the juices in this stage are kiwi and pineapple.


  • Young Lady - Moderate in all aspects.
  • Businesswoman - Fast to order and eat and not patient.
  • Senior - Slow to eat and patient.
  • Cellphone addict - Fast to order and eat and impatient, always make noise.
  • Bookworm - Slow to order and eat, patient but dislikes noise.
  • Student - Moderate in all aspects, does not mind noise which is similar to Jo the Jogger.
  • Tough Guy - Fast to order and eat. In this version he is similar to Hal the Hungry Man he orders twice.
  • Director - Orders and eats fast and impatient. He can be noisy while waiting in line. However, he will leave an "instant eating" power up that will cause everyone on the counter to finish eating.
  • Celebrity - Orders and eats at a fast pace. Celebrities are special that the customers who are seated beside them will request for a photo op, which boosts the mood for both the Celebrity and the customer. Celebrities will leave a power up to increase Flo's speed.
  • Starlet - Customers who sit beside her will increase their mood. She strongly dislikes noise. She will leave a power up that will increase the mood of others on the counter.