Colin the Cellphone Addict is a character from the Diner Dash series. He is introduced in Diner Dash 2: Restaurant Rescue and continues to make several other appearances, namely the Avenue Flo series, Cooking Dash and DinerTown Detective Agency. He is usually portrayed as always talking on his cell phone and works at the Big Corp Tower for Mr. Big.

In DinerTown Tycoon, he made an appearance in Bistro Bay and his preferred ingredients are fresh cream, golden potatoes and baby spinach.

In Diner Dash: Seasonal Snack Pack, Colin appears as a vampire in the Crypt Café. There's nothing to fear though since he continues to eat normal food.


He has spiky hair that can be any of the colors matching his suit. Typically though, in most games, he has blond hair. He is rarely seen without his cell phone and smart suit. Though the tie is black in most games, he receives a striped tie in the Cooking Dash series (sometimes it is hard to see, though this was fixed in the Deluxe version). In Flo on the Go, he appears wearing a tropical tree patterned shirt with shorts. In other games like Avenue Flo and Soap Opera Dash, he is shown wearing a casual pink shirt and blue jeans.

In most installments, Colin is shown with simple black pupils. However in Cooking Dash and DinerTown Detective Agency he's shown to possess blue eyes. There's a small occurrence where his eyes appear brown in his concept art for Cooking Dash 3 (refer to gallery), however his final in-game model depicts him with blue eyes. As well as this, Colin appears quite different in his teen years sporting a pink mohawk, a black leather jacket, blue jeans with tears at the knees, and black leather shoes. He carried around a boombox during this time, blasting music (presumably punk rock) from its speakers.


Colin is very impatient and annoys other customers with his constant noise from talking on his cellphone. He tips highly and is in this way similar to Barb the Businesswoman (they both work at Big Corp). They are quick to order and eat.

Colin is rather inconsiderate and never realizes his phone conversations would disturb others. He can be quite oblivious of his surroundings due to this matter. Besides this he's usually shown with a laid-back look on his face when he's content and can come across as a suave businessman when he's not wrapped up in his phone. The later games even show him giving a sort of salute to the player whenever he's left idle (e.g. Cooking Dash 1 and 2; Garden Dash).


  • His name can come across as the pun, "Callin' the Cellphone Addict".
  • In Cooking Dash 3: Thrills and Spills, though he's usually called a "Punk Rocker" by Flo, the game gives him the title "Colin the Cacophonous", emphasizing the supposed terrible noises that emit from his boombox. This also keeps the alliteration in check.
    Amusing phone

    Colin idle with full patience (Cooking Dash Deluxe)

  • Oddly, in Cooking Dash Deluxe, Colin will always be standing in his impatient pose regardless if he's at full patience. He'll still salute the player, though he'll immediately cut into his impatient stance afterwards.
    • Furthermore, his expression for when he is at his limit (one heart) was also altered. In the original, his face would express a mixture of disbelief and anger. Now in the Deluxe version he appears more genuinely angry.
  • In most expert levels for games such as Flo on the Go and HomeTown Hero, Colin is usually grouped up with Barb, Bernie (ironically), Duncan, and on rare occasions Jo and Rosie. However Barb is the only female ever paired in a duo with Colin in these levels.
  • It's revealed in DinerTown Detective Agency that he enjoys ringtones with jangly sounds. It's also revealed that he enjoys eating a lot of food, especially crunchy foods and sandwiches. Later he wishes to become stronger, however he dislikes diet food since it doesn't "satisfy him".
  • When looking into the game files for the early Dash games (e.g. Restaurant Rescue, Flo on the Go), he is the only character (along with the Jogger) who does not have an animation for chastising noise-makers. This makes sense since he's always distracted by his phone.


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