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Biographical information
Age Adult
Nationality American
Hometown DinerTown
Alias Neighbour of the couple
Physical information
Gender Male
Height Slightly taller than the average adult
Hair color Black
Eye color Black
Skin color Tan
Family and Friends
Friend(s) Bride & Groom, Other wedding guests
Other Information
Favorite color Dark Blue
Personality and Abilities
Behind the Scenes
First appearance Wedding Guests
Chuck is an exclusive wedding guest of Wedding Dash.


Wedding Dash


Chuck being a grump

Chuck is introduced on the Island Venue of Wedding Dash, he is impatient, mildly liked and eats fast. In the penultimate level of the game, Chuck and Chloe have both been cloned several times with requests to sit next to or not sit near themselves. He dances by thrusting two fingers of his arms back and forth.

Wedding Dash 2

Chuck returns in Wedding Dash 2, the last guest to be introduced, he has not changed since his last appearance and is still the same person. He appears in the first level of the Thailand Venue.

DinerTown Tycoon

In DinerTown Tycoon, Chuck is one of the citizens of Squid Row, he eats foods with Double Yolk Egg, Bermuda Onion, and Smith's Farm Swiss Cheese and rewards the player with a new advertisement.


Chuck DinerTown Tycoon

Chuck's portrait in DinerTown Tycoon.

Chuck wears a white shirt and black tie covered by a darkly blue coat, he also wears dark pants and black shoes. He has black hair styled in a back curve.

In DinerTown Tycoon, Chuck's sppearance has been changed mildly, his hair is matched to the colour of his suit, which is green, his pants are green and his skin is much more white.


Chuck is described as a friendly chum but can be very irratible, he is mildly liked among the other guests. It is not uncommon to see him pulling off his grumpy face.

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