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Chez Flo
Chez Flo
Type Restaurant
Location DinerTown
Owner Flo
Food served Regular Food
Snacks: Fresh Bread
Drinks: Wine

The flashy Chez Flo

Chez Flo is the fourth restaurant owned by Flo. It is a fancy golden restaurant.


Flo's final stop towards her restaurant empire started with her creation of Chez Flo, a fancy, golden restaurant built in an opening near a spooky set of rocks and trees, Flo ran her "final" restaurant to be the most glamorous and beautiful of all her restaurants, Flo began to feel that something special would happen after she completed Chez Flo and decided to follow her intuition.

An early Chez Flo



Chez Flo in the 360 version

On the outside, Chez Flo reembles are large quarter of a circle on a grey platform, there are 3 colorful lights in the back to give it a flashy feel. In the inside, the interior is beautifully decorated in golden colors, as Flo goes along, she will acquire new decorations, such as golden lights and charming yellow curtains like a fancy restaurant.

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